The Color of Fandom

The Color of Fandom is a diverse group of fans who strive to create an inclusive geek experience. We love how Science fiction and fantasy and how it has caught the imaginations of many people. However, the characters of these stories are underrepresented by racial, ethnic and gender minorities.

Do you wonder, where are the super heroes, space explorers and apocalypse survivors of character of color?

Are you wary to or have you been questioned about cosplaying a character who is not of your race or gender?

Do you look around at conventions and wish there were a few more people who look like you?

If so, this group is for you.

Although we focus on exploring fandom movies, TV shows, video games, cosplay, and conventions from a minority perspective, people of all races and ethnicities are welcome to join. 

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The Color of Fandom will be appearing Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Booth I6.