Reunions and Team Ups

GalaxyCon Raleigh

Join us for a FESTIVAL of fandom July 25-28 at the Raleigh Convention Center.

Meet Celebrity and Creative Guests from Comics, Movies, TV, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Anime, Cartoons, Video Games, Wrestling and more!

Meet the stars of The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Tim Curry, Meat Loaf, Barry Bostwick, Patricia Quinn, and Nell Campbell

Catch the Shadowcast on Saturday Night with Pineapple Shaped Lamps and SPECIAL GUESTS Barry Bostwick, Patricia Quinn & More!

Meet Doctor Who stars David Tennant “The Doctor” Bille Piper “Rose Tyler” and Catherine Tate “Donna Noble” at GalaxyCon Raleigh!

Meet the Stars of The Office: Leslie Baker, Creed Bratton, Kate Flannery, Oscar Nunez and Catherine Tate.

They are as funny in real life as they are on TV.

Donald Duck, The Little Mermaid, Nightmare Before Christmas, Toy Story, and so much more!

Meet the Stars of Dragon Ball Z: Chris Sabat, Sean Schemmel, Cynthia Cranz, Josh Martin, and Chris Rager.

Meet Tifa Lockhart (Rachel Leigh Cook), Yuffie Kisaragi (Christy Carlson Romano), and Sephiroth (George Newbern) from Final Fantasy VII at GalaxyCon Raleigh.

They will be at the event on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Meet the voices behind characters Symmetra, Roadhog, and Widowmaker.

Meet the Stars of G.I. Joe: Arthur Burghardt, Morgan Lofting, and Keone Young

Meet the Stars of The Justice League: Susan Eisenberg, George Newbern, and Dana Snyder.

Meet Princess Zelda & Prince Sidon

Sonny Chiba (The Street Fighter, Hattori Hanzo in Kill Bill), Tsutomu Kitagawa (Godzilla, Super Sentai), and Bin Furuya (Ultraman)

Meet Edward James Olmos “Admiral Adama” and Mary McDonnell “President Roslin”