The Raleigh Sci-Fi Geeks

The Raleigh Sci-Fi Geeks started out as a group of folks with Star Trek in common. They have since discovered that they are more than just Trekkies. The club gets together for many fun and friendly meetings and group events. They love anything related to Sci-Fi and want you to join in on the fun!

The Raleigh Sci-Fi Geeks promotes a platform where local fans of sci-fi, fantasy, comics, and all things geeky can meet and attend various movies, conventions, and other events in the Raleigh metropolitan area. It consists of nearly 900 members of diverse backgrounds and many of members join to meet like minded people in the area.
You can meet them at their table at the show, or find out when their next outing is online at

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The Raleigh Sci-Fi Geeks will be appearing Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Booth 1032.