Celebrity Q&As

Our Supercon pledge to you is to bring as many celebrities to the stage as possible so that you can get ideas and inspiration from some of your favorite actors and creators with simply a single ticket. While we support and encourage you to get an autograph or a photo op when it’s meaningful for you to do so, we want you to make memories above all else.

Here are some of the celebrities we have hosted at previous Supercon events:

Patty Hawkins (Host) &¬†John Wesley Shipp “The Flash”

Dana Snyder “Mastershake” & Lisa Corrao (Comedian & Host)

LeVar Burton “Geordi La Forge” & Patty Hawkins (Host)

Michael Rooker “Yondu”

Zach Callison “Steven Universe”

Josh Petersdorf “Roadhog” Overwatch (Right)


William Shatner “James T Kirk”