Patty Hawkins

Patty Hawkins is a geek theorist, comedian, film critic, writer, historian & gadfly. He is a frequent emcee, panelist, moderator & celebrity interviewer at conventions. Patty has become known for his entertainingly comprehensive & interactive interview style.

He is presently the host of Come Get ∑ (Come Get Sum). A talk show focusing on social issues in geek & convention culture. He is also the host of the comedy podcast Sots On Cels, that combines drinking with Saturday Morning cartoon nostalgia. Patty is a contributor to the Dr. Who podcast MarkWho42. He keeps busy as the co-founder of the Partisan Podcast network & co-owner of Ty-Fy Studios. As a member of the Geeks Of Comedy he is always working on a new exciting venture.

When not broadcasting he works as a stage & VO actor and is an innovator in anachronistic & experimental cosplay. Patty is a self professed ‘Social Justice Soldier (NOT a warrior). He is known for his blistering commentary, scathing humor & an embarrassingly discursive knowledge about damn near ANYTHING involving capes, swords or ray guns. His ability to re-enact entire issues of comic books in their entirety on demand is remarkable. Visit Patty  at and


Patty Hawkins will be appearing at Raleigh Supercon on Friday July 27, Saturday July 28, and Sunday, July 29 2018.


Patty Hawkins’ schedule will be posted here approximately two weeks before the event.