J.R. Mounts

J.R. Mounts here, creator, writer and artist for all things Scairy Tales Noir such as the FRIED PICKLE NOIRcrime noir parody series, the comic strip series SCAIRY TALES, the “adorable” DEATH BY BABY and the not so adorable FAMILY MAL— USE!  Check out below all the cool and wacky things that I’m doing for my Scairy Tales Noir comics! Check out the calendar at the bottom for appearances and to your right are PAGES of stuff you can click through for all my different COMICS found on their own pages, NEWS, the STN STORE, fan art in the EXTRAS page and MORE!
And remember, here ya gotta spell ‘scary’ with an “i” by combining ‘scary tales’ and ‘fairy tales’ together so nobody thinks I draw horror comics!

P.S. If ya wanna follow the thoughts and musings of ‘ol Fried Pickle Noir detective Q Cumbersome himself, go on over to his Twitter feed here:



J.R. Mounts will be appearing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Booth E12.