Doug Hoppes Studio

Doug Hoppes is an American fantasy and plein-air painter based out of Hillsborough, North Carolina.  Doug’s work focuses on representing the darker landscapes and strange creatures in fantasy.  This has led him towards creating a look that is both fine art and illustration or, impressionistic macabre, as he likes to call it.  In many of his paintings, we see the effect of the landscape on the creature and, many times, they seem to meld into one another such that they are, sometimes, inseparable.

As a plein-air oil painter, his focus on the mood of the landscape, as opposed to details, influences the way that his fantasy paintings are created.  His drive is to create the emotional effect such that you can feel the harshness of the land or the cold of the wind.  Using the texture of the land and the lack of highly rendered detail, the user is allowed to create their own stories when viewing the painting.

Doug has won several awards for his plein-air and fine art landscapes.  In addition, his fantasy work has been seen in various volumes of Infected By Art. 


Doug Hoppes will be appearing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Booth D14.