Davey Beauchamp

Davey Beauchamp is an Artist, Podcaster, Writer and Librarian. Most recently Davey did official artwork for Penguin UK/BBC Children’s Books for their Doctor Who the Illustrated Adventures. The two Doctor Who adventures he illustrated are Robot, the first Tom Baker adventure as the 4th Doctor, and Black Orchid featuring Peter Davison the 5th Doctor.  His art has been used by BBCA, GnomeCon and the Geek Gala. He is currently working on book covers. His first will be in a limited edition of the Cape Noire RPG based on the world of Brother Bones by Scaldcrow Press. Davey’s next book in his RPG world the Amazing Pulp Adventures vol 2 the Worlds of John Hawk is coming soon by Scaldcrow Press. He is also the host of Gallifrey Pirate Radio an award nominated podcast dedicated to the worlds of Doctor Who and its fans. (gallifreypirateradio.com).

Davey Beauchamp will be appearing Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Booth J4.