Schedule of Events

You can find our 2018 schedule HERE. Even after it's complete, it's subject to change. [the-post-grid id="3537" title="Events"] [the-post-grid id="458" title="Cosplay Events"]


Stay Tuned as we make new guest announcements for Raleigh Supercon 2019 in each of the categories you see below. To get notified as we make announcements, please sign up for our email newsletter: Subscribe to our mailing list   Celebrity Guest Announcements Coming Soon! [the-post-grid id="370" title="Celebrity Guests"] [the-post-grid id="8229" title="Anime and Animation Guests"] [the-post-grid id="4401" title="Wrestling Superstars"] [the-post-grid id="385" title="Comic Guests"] [the-post-grid id="8174" title="Cosplay Guests"] [the-post-grid id="403" title="Entertainment Guests"] [the-post-grid id="6659" title="Cancelled"] We will announce more guests for the 2019 event very soon. For all future updates join our mailing list. Subscribe to our mailing list


Raleigh Supercon Tickets are ON SALE NOW! SAVE 25% OFF with Promo Code SUPER25 This sale has been extended to Sunday September 30th so that those affected by the hurricane have more time to take advantage of this special. Scroll down to purchase tickets or CLICK HERE to open a new page. Every year, we give our biggest discount the first week we launch the event for those who know they want to come even before we know what the show will look like. It's the excitement and dedication of fans like you that makes Raleigh Supercon so much fun. There are...Read More

2018 Exhibitors

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