Jose Delbo

Jose Delbo is an Argentinian born artist. He has a career that spans 50 years, starting in the Silver Age of the early 1960s until today. Comic fans will best know Delbo for his work on Wonder Woman (1976-1981), The Transformers (Marvel Comics) from issue 36-67 (1987-1990), Batgirl’s feature in Detective Comics (1979-1982), The Superman Family (1977-1982),Thundercats (1986-1988), World’s Finest (Superman/Batman 1977-1986), The Beatles: Yellow Submarine, Billy the Kid (Charlton), Mighty Samson (Gold Key) and Twilight Zone (Gold Key). His massive list of credits as an artist include: Action Comics, Adventure Comics, The Adventures Of Ford Fairlane, Armorines, The Batman...Read More

Michael Kingston

Michael Kingston is the creator of Headlocked, the wrestling comic book. A self taught writer/creator and a lifelong wrestling fan, Mike decided to meld his two loves into his creation of Headlocked. Mike’s also done work on two horror licenses and has another horror project in the works. In his spare time, Mike is also an opinionated wrestling blogger for the Fighting Geek. Visit Headlocked online at and follow Mike’s escapades on his twitter account: HeadlockedComic Michael Kingston will be appearing on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Raleigh Supercon Michael Kingston does not charge for autographs. Michael Kingston's schedule...Read More

Creature Entertainment

Creature Entertainment is a Comic Book, Animation and Filmmaking Studio based in Miami. They publish comic books and produce short films and feature films. Some of the titles published by Creature Entertainment include The Zombie Years, Forgive Me Father, Ravenous, The Gun, andTommy. Visit them online at Creature Entertainment will be appearing Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  

Josie DeVora

Josie DeVora is an Animator, Character Designer and Illustrator best know for his “Funny Guy” tribute to Robin Williams, work on “Drunk on Disney” and creator of the RoosterPOP Brand. He loves watching cartoons as much as he loves drawing them. Learn more about Josie’s work at and Josie DeVora will be appearing Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Raleigh Supercon. Josie does not charge for autographs. Josie will be taking on a limited number of commissions for the show. You can approach him at the show or contact him to reserve a spot before the show at More

P. L. McCall II

P. L. McCall II is a Writer and the Owner of PLMII Studios, a multimedia company located in South Florida. He is the creator of the "Grace Flynn Chronicles" and "Ing the Viking". PLMII Studios publishes an ongoing Fantasy Anthology “Penny and Dime” which publishes new INDIE Authors. P. L. McCall II attends multimedia conventions and shares his knowledge of creative writing and publishing with attendees through panels and the personal mentoring of new writers. P. L. McCall II will be appearing on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday of Raleigh Supercon. Philip Lee McCall II does not charge for autographs....Read More

Mervyn McKoy

  Mervyn McKoy is the artist of The C-Listers, Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew, Paula Peril and more! He is the creator of the Supercon mascot. CLICK HERE to visit Merv online. Mervyn McKoy will be appearing on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Raleigh Supercon. Mervyn McKoy does not charge for autographs. Mervyn is currently accepting pre-show sketch commissions for pick up at the show! Please for details and to make arrangements.