Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper is The Godfather of Shock Rock! Alice is a singer, songwriter, and actor, who came to fame in the 1970s and 1980s with his garish, often ghoulish stage performances. He has been performing on stage and releasing new albums for almost 50 years.
Alice’s film credits include Wayne’s World, Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, Diary of a Mad Housewife, Sextette, Sergeant Peppers, Roadie, Monster Dog, Prince of Darkness, The Attic Expeditions, Dark Shadows, Bigfoot, Skum Rocks!, Super Duper Alice Cooper , and ’Jesus Christ Superstar Live!
Alice hosts the hugely successful syndicated radio program, Nights With Alice Cooper. The program showcases classic rock, Cooper’s personal stories about his life as a rock icon and interviews with prominent rock artists. The show is broadcast on nearly 100 stations in the US and Canada, and has also been broadcast all over the world.
Alice Cooper has been featured in multiple comic book series, including Marvel Premiere #50 (1979), Alice Cooper: The Last Temptation (1994), Alice Cooper: Welcome To My Nightmare (2015), and Alice Cooper vs. CHAOS! (2015).

Alice Cooper will be on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Raleigh Supercon.

Alice Cooper Autographs and Sketches are only available for purchase at his booth during the show for cash only.

Autograph on an 8×10 photo or on your own item (no musical instruments): $60

Autograph on your own musical instrument: $80

Sketch by Alice Cooper in your own Sketchbook or paper: $100

Professional Photo Op: $80 BUY NOW: FRIDAY, SATURDAY, or SUNDAY
Includes an 8×10 print available within minutes and a digital copy sent via email.

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Alice Cooper will take part in a Q&A that will be open to all attendees and included in the price of admission to Raleigh Supercon.

Alice Cooper’s schedule will be posted here about 2 weeks before the show.