What is a Comic Con?


A Comic Con is a festival that celebrates superheroes, anime, fantasy, science fiction, video games, pop culture, and more. Lots of people dress up as their favorite characters, and people come from all over to see and be seen. Raleigh Supercon is Raleigh’s largest multi-genre comic con, bringing in 30,000 attendees over three days in 2017. This Comic Con will feature activities and celebrities from the realm of comic books, anime, animation, fantasy, science fiction, video gaming, and more!

Who goes to a Comic Con?

Comic Con appeals to people who are inspired by superheroes, fairy tales, science fiction, fantasy, comedy, horror, and so much more. There’s a balance between the up and coming stars and the ones we remember from a nostalgic time. There are events for people of all ages! No matter what you’re in to, there will be something at the show that will appeal to you.

What happens at a Con?

Attendees enter through an exhibition hall which features art, collectibles, toys, posters, t-shirts, books, and more. Program guides will be handed out that will list all of the events and activities happening that day. The celebrities and artists have a place to meet fans in the exhibition hall, and they also appear on stage to discuss their projects with fans. Comic Con also features a variety of entertainment such as video gaming tournaments, costume contests, comedy shows, late night karaoke and raves, and workshops of all kinds.

Why do people go in costume?

People dress up to show their love for a character beyond just wearing a t-shirt. Characters can range from favorite comic books, anime, video games, movies, TV shows and novels. Some people will wear store-bought costume like they would for Halloween. But not every character is available. So, some people will make there own costume. Costume play or “cosplay” can be artistic, and some attendees spend weeks making replica costumes of their favorite characters and even take on the personality of these characters while portraying them. Cosplayers often get treated like stars by other attendees due to the amount of workmanship that goes into these costumes. A few hundred of the best compete in costume competitions throughout the weekend for prizes.

Raleigh Supercon takes place July 27-29, 2018 at the Raleigh Convention Center – 500 S Salisbury St, Raleigh, NC 27601