Volunteer for Raleigh Supercon

Supercon is grateful for the many volunteers who help us build a strong fan community by expediting check-in, helping with panels, handling guests, monitoring lines, checking props, and so much more.

Our volunteers tell us that making friends is the number one reason they keep coming back, and we try to give volunteers opportunities before, during, and after the event to grow those friendships.

Volunteers get a free t-shirt and earn a free weekend pass when they commit to 10 hours during the convention.

CLICK HERE to apply or go to https://register.growtix.com/volunteers/apply_step_1/raleigh_supercon

Here are some of the departments open to volunteers:

Guest Relations

A/V (Audio Visual)

Convention Operations

Prop Checks

Volunteer Security

Event Photography

Video Production

Comic Book Department

Anime Department

Costuming & Cosplay Department

Film Festival

Video Game Department

Tabletop Gaming

Disability Services

Registration Department