Raleigh Supercon Runway Costume Contest

RALEIGH SUPERCON RUNWAY COSTUME CONTEST The RALEIGH SUPERCON Thursday Runway Costume Competition will be “Runway” style. There will be no pre-judging. Contestants can enter in store bought or home made costumes. Click here to enter online. Scroll down to read rules and regulations. PRIZES WILL BE AWARDED AS FOLLOWS: * Best in Show: Award trophy * Best Individual: Award trophy * Best Individual – 2nd Place: Award trophy * Best Group: Award trophy * Best Group – 2nd Place: Award trophy * Best Junior / Youth: Award trophy * Judges’ Awards (3): Award trophies COMPETITION RULES 1. One entry per...Read More

Supergirls and Superboys of Supercon “Late Night” Contest

SUPERGIRLS & SUPERBOYS OF SUPERCON “LATE NIGHT” COSTUME CONTEST A special costume contest showcasing our favorite heroines and villains! This contest will be judged by a special panel consisting of professional comic book artists and professional costumers. This is a runway-style contest with no pre-judging. Costumes may be of any superhero or villain in comics, cartoons, movies, anime, video games, etc. Costumes may be handmade or store bought. Since this contest takes place late at night, no one under the age of 17 may enter this contest. Click here to enter online. Scroll down for rules and regulations.  PRIZES WILL...Read More