Raleigh Supercon Guest Cancellations

Raleigh Supercon Cancellations 2017:

As it sometimes happens, cancellations occur due to family, personal or schedule commitments. Here is a running list of Florida Supercon Cancellations.

6/23/2017: Tate Steinsiek will unfortunately be filming the weekend of Raleigh Supercon, and will be unable to attend.

6/13/2017: We regret to announce that Karen Gillan will be unable to attend Raleigh Supercon. Karen got called upon by Marvel Studios / Disney to do some work for them during the weekend of Raleigh Supercon, and she won’t be able to join us for this event. We will definitely try again to book her next year for Raleigh Supercon. We are always at the mercy of the studios for guest appearances, and we are all very disappointed that she won’t be joining us this year.

6/13/2017: Paige O’Hara has cancelled due to Disney commitments during the weekend of Raleigh Supercon.

5/27/2017: Manu Bennett will be in Europe during the time of our show, and will be unable to come to the United States for Raleigh Supercon.

5/27/2017: Jerry Lawler has unfortunately been double booked, and just realized he had committed to a charity event the same weekend of our event.

5/27/2017: Jody Lynn Nye has had to cancel due to personal matters.