Neo Edmund

Neo Edmund, former child actor turned screenwriter, comic book writer, and bestselling author began his career in Hollywood appearing on numerous television shows, most notably as a member of the infamous PUTTY PAROLE on 75 EPISODES of MIGHTY MORPIN POWER RANGERS and POWER RANGERS ZERO.

Most recently, WordFire Press published Neo’s first novel of a five book series titled A TALE OF RED RIDING, RISE OF THE ALPHA HUNTRESS, with book 2 set to release in late 2016. He has written numerous animated TV episodes including HASBRO’S KAIJUDO- RISE OF THE DUEL MASTERS.

Working along side comic book icon writer Marv Wolfman, Neo co-wrote the (currently in production) animated film JETT FIGHTER SAVES THE WORLD. He is also the co-creator of the techno-vampire comic-to-film action thriller CLAN OF THE VEIN, set for production in 2017.

Additional writing credits include dozens of comics and graphic novels including: JURASSIC STRIKE FORCE FIVE, JUMPSTART’S WINDY HALLOWS, SPIKE TV’s 1000 WAYS TO DIE, and THE MONSTER HUNTERS HANDBOOK.

Neo has also has written numerous novels that are listed among titles meeting the Common Core standard for English Education. These titles include: DISCOVERY CHANNEL’S DINOSAURS & PREHISTORIC PREDATORS, SHARK WEEK’S MEGALODONE & PREHISTORIC SHARKS, SHARK WEEK’S GREAT WHITE SHARKS, and HISTORY CHANNEL’S MANKIND.

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