Monica Rial

Monica Rial has voiced over 450 anime characters including Bulma in the Dragon Ball franchise, Tsubaki in Soul Eater, Tsuyu in My Hero Academia, Mirajane in Fairy Tail, Stocking in Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, and May Chang in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Monica Rial will be appearing on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Raleigh Supercon.

Monica Rial will sign one FREE autograph per attendee (per day) during scheduled autograph sessions. There will be a fee for additional autographs. You may bring items from home to be autographed or purchase items at the autograph table.

Monica Rial will take part in a Q&A that will be open to all attendees and included in the price of admission to Raleigh Supercon.

Monica Rial’s full schedule will be posted here about two weeks before the show.

Monica Rial has been working in the anime voice over industry for 12 years. As an actress for ADV Films and Funimation Entertainment has voiced over 450 anime characters including: Show By Rock!! (Moa), Air TV (Misuzu), Air Gear (Simca), Azumanga Daioh (Nyamo), Baccano! (Chane), Black Butler (Mei Ren), Black Cat (Kyoko), Blue Drop (Hagino), Burst Angel (Jo), Chrome Shelled Regios (Felli), Chrono Crusade (Fiore), Claymore (Miria), DN Angel (Towa), D. Gray-man (Lero/Lulu Bell), Excel Saga (Hyatt), Fairy Tail (Mirajane), Full Metal Panic (Kyoko), Ghost Stories (Momoko), Gunslinger Girl (Angelica), Hello Kitty’s Animation Theater (Hello Kitty), Hetalia (Flying Mint Bunny/Belarus), High School of the Dead (Shizuka), Negima (Konoka/Kazumi/Satsuki), Nerima Daikon Brothers (Gokutsobushi), Noir (Kirika), One Piece (Tashigi/Carue/Kuina), Ouran Host Club (Renge), School Rumble (Lara), Sekirei (Miya), Sergeant Frog (Momoka), Shuffle! (Asa), Speed Grapher (Kagura), Spiral (Rio), Soul Eater (Tsubaki), Yuri on Ice!!! (Mila), My Hero Academia (Tsuyu), Tears to Tiara (Octavia), Tsubasa Chronicles (Sakura), Witchblade (Maria) and many more. She can be heard on the Cartoon Network in Shinchan (Ai), Fullmetal Alchemist (Lyra/Dante), Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (May Chang), Case Closed (Amy), Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt (Stocking), and Trinity Blood (Vanessa). You can also catch her on Nicktoons and the CW as Bulma in Dragon Ball Z Kai and in Dragon Ball Super. She is an ADR script adaptor and occasionally a director for Funimation Entertainment.