Jose Delbo

Jose Delbo is an Argentinian born artist. He has a career that spans 50 years, starting in the Silver Age of the early 1960s until today. Comic fans will best know Delbo for his work on Wonder Woman (1976-1981), The Transformers (Marvel Comics) from issue 36-67 (1987-1990), Batgirl’s feature in Detective Comics (1979-1982), The Superman Family (1977-1982),Thundercats (1986-1988), World’s Finest (Superman/Batman 1977-1986), The Beatles: Yellow Submarine, Billy the Kid (Charlton), Mighty Samson (Gold Key) and Twilight Zone (Gold Key).

His massive list of credits as an artist include: Action Comics, Adventure Comics, The Adventures Of Ford Fairlane, Armorines, The Batman Family, Batman: The Sunday Classics,The Beverly Hillbillies, Billy The Kid, Boris Karloff: Tales of Mystery, Brute Force, Buck Rogers: Giant Movie Edition, Captain Planet and the Planeteers, Conan the Barbarian, The DC Comics Encyclopedia, DC Comics Presents, DC Special Series, Detective Comics, Disney Comic Hits,Doctor Solar: Man Of The Atom, The Fury of Firestorm, Get Smart, Green Lantern, Grimm’s Ghost Stories, House of Mystery, House of Secrets, Inhumanoids, Isaac Asimov’s I-Bots, Isis,Leonard Nimoy’s Primortals, The Lone Ranger, Marvel Comics Presents, Mickey Spillane’s Mike Danger, The Monkees, Mystery In Space, Neil Gaiman’s Mr. Hero – The Newmatic Man,Neil Gaiman’s Wheel of Worlds, The New Adventures of Superboy, NFL SuperPro, Phantasy Against Hunger, Rainbow Brite and The Star Stealer, Ravage 2099, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!,Scary Tales, Shadowman, Supergirl, Superman, The Superman Family, Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen, Teen Titans, Thundercats, The Transformers, The Twilight Zone, Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe, The Witching Hour, Wonder Woman, World’s Finest Comics, X-O Manowar, The Yellow Submarine and more!

You can visit Mr. Delbo on the web at

Jose Delbo will be appearing Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Raleigh Supercon.

Jose charges $5 for autographs. $15 for CGC comics.

Jose is currently accepting pre-show sketch commissions for pick up at the show! Please contact for details and to make arrangements.