Jill Thompson

Jill Thompson is a comic book artist and writer, best known as the creator of the Scary Godmother series, as well as he work on Sandman, Wonder Woman, Death: At Death’s Door, The Little Endless Storybook, The Invisibles, Swamp Thing, Beasts of Burden, Black Orchid, Harley Quinn, The Dreaming, Dead Boy Detectives, and Headlocked.

Some of Jill’s other notable credits include All New X-Men, Badger Goes Berserk!, Badger: Shattered Mirror, Batman: Gotham Knights, The Books of Magic, Corum: The Bull and the Spear, Challengers of the Unknown, Dark Horse Presents, Fables, Fathom, Hellboy, House of Mystery, The Shade, Speed Racer, and The X-Men.

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appearingJill Thompson will be appearing Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Booth 415.

Jill Thompson does not charge for autographs.

Jill Thompson is accepting orders for pre-show commissions for pick up at the show! Email paolo@cadencecomicart.com for details.