Chiki Cosplay

Chiki Cosplay is a costumer and photographer. She is the Executive Director for the The FanDames initiative, does Costumed Charity work for CausePlay Carolinas and works full-time as a photographer.

Chiki, began her life immersed in a costuming world, she spent much of her time in Opera and Theater costume shops with her Grandmother and Aunt as a child. After learning to sew at a young age, Chiki took her love of “all things nerdy” and costuming to conventions with her. She’s been attending conventions and cosplaying since 2001. Since then she has enjoyed a rich convention experience as both a guest and attendee. Chiki enjoys judging costume competitions as well as competing at a Master level.

Instagram: @chikicosplay
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Chiki Cosplay will be appearing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Booth TBA


Chiki Cosplay’s schedule will be posted approximately two weeks before the show.