AlwaysLoveLorn is a veteran model who loves video games, horror flicks, cosplay, and creating programming for conventions. Her modeling career has brought her a plethora of features including but not limited to: Vogue Italia Online, Obscurae Magazine, A La Ladywolf, Primwood (Vintage clothing store), Geek Girls, and N.E.E.T Magazine.

One of the many dreams she has is to be a voice actress but until then AlwaysLoveLorn works as a designer and analyst. When not at work she enjoys playing MMO RPG’s and first person shooters, watching anime, fantasy, or horror movies with the occasional 90’s nostalgia thrown in. An unusual hobby of hers is collecting vintage board/card games as well as creating new ones. Because she doesn’t take herself too seriously, she aims to create cosplays that tend to be goofy, some of her favorites past costumes include Helga Petaki from Hey Arnold, The Log Lady from Twin Peaks and Magikarp from Pokemon.

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AlwaysLoveLorn will be appearing Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Booth 1135.