Adachi Trieu

Adachi Trieu is a self taught seamstress. When she first discovered the world of cosplay she didn’t have much funds to afford lessons or a sewing machine but her love for theater was perfect for this type of hobby. She examined her own clothing and learned how to hand stitch from the internet via tutorials and guides. Over the years through trial and error she has been able to grow and acquire new skill sets in this amazing hobby. Whether it was designing and creating the costumes or learning how to style wigs and finding new methods to apply make up. She has become a well rounded performer through embodying the characters and using her skills to best portray their persona. She loves how cosplay has so much artistry and freedom of choices on how we all personally see each character.

Check out her social media at and and The FanDames initiative.

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Adachi Trieu will be appearing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Booth TBA