The 105th Squad

The 105th Squad is a charity, arts and education group that uses Cosplay as a way of disseminating information and awareness through teaching, workshops, panels and charity events.

The group is based in Durham, NC, was founded in 2011 and has over 1300 members in multiple states and countries across the globe. We have helped both amateur and veteran cosplayers learn new skills and our Engineers are made up of many talented artists, costumers, photographers, and videographers, metalsmiths, leather smiths, fabricators, graphic designers and beyond.

We are also a registered 501c3 Charity Organization. To date the 105th Squad has helped its Engineers meet the requirements to join many different costuming groups, we have supported charities including Leah’s Angels, The Peter Mayhew Foundation, The Ronald Mcdonald House, Habitat for Humanity, Autism Society of NC, Chiari Malformation Charities and others. What makes this group so special is that everyone is willing to help anyone become better. The entire group thrives by working together under our ideals of Fun, Passion, Creativity and Charity. We have also worked with Beat Down Boogie on a project that we are especially proud of recently.

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The 105th Squad will be appearing Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Booth TBA.

The 105th Squad’s schedule will be posted here approximately two weeks before the event.